The Quiet Achiever

Empaths lead with our hearts (not with our mouths). We know by intuition. We know by feeling. We go down the path by following our emotional instincts. This leads to some surprising encounters in life because we know to keep walking, but we do not know exactly what we will meet around the bend. No matter. We proceed. We are process oriented. We are in it for the journey. We are the pushers of depth of experience. And we often are the quiet achievers in life.

Why quiet achievers? Because our journey is inward first and foremost. We are guided by our inner light, our heart chakra. Sensitive souls are self-reflective by nature. Self-reflection is part of the whole empath gig. We move through waves of emotion daily, sifting and turning. Some waves rise, and some fall away, but our energies in our chakras keep spinning. We trust these emotional energies and follow them where they lead. Our emotional instincts will be our guiding light to manifest in the outside world. Do I trust this person? Do I take this job? Do I move here? Do I go there? Do I take this leap of faith? Etc.

When we trust our hearts, when we act on our “knowing,” we will excel in our chosen endeavors. They may be personal endeavors like parenthood. They may be professional endeavors like making decisions that effect staff and workplace. They may be quiet endeavors like creating a beautiful piece of art or writing a heartfelt song. They may be public endeavors like working on committee or presenting to an audience. But they will be ours, and we will be all in. (Thus, the “passion” in “compassion.”)

Sometimes we pick our endeavors, but often for an empath, they pick us. We recognize the call, and we answer it. Hello, Universe. I hear you. I’ll give it a go. (I can’t tell you how often I have had an experience and only much later figured out what it was teaching me or how to make sense of it.)

And we grow, and grow, and grow, when we follow our intuition to new lands. And we achieve, quietly. Because we are in it for the journey, not for the glory. We are in it to connect with our fellow travelers. Our lives, and the lives of those around us, will be enriched for having done so.

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