What You Think, You Become

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” ~ Buddha

Perspective is our vantage point, our attitude, our outlook, our way of looking at the world. People describe perspective as a mental view, but I would argue that it is equally an emotional view. Perspective is how you  perceive something, and perception is always colored by the lens of personal emotion and investment in  a view.

So perceive carefully. Bear in mind, that each perspective is unique. Each is individual. Don’t be swayed by the collective perspective (which these days we see can quickly drift into mob mentality).

We think what we think. We feel what we feel. We perceive what we perceive. However, we are gifted with the ability to reflect, evaluate, and adjust our perceptions. We are always thought in motion and feeling in tandem. Self-reflection is key – as is the old adage of first do no harm – to others, but also to oneself.

“Attitude is everything. That is the secret.” ~ Louis Zamperini (former Olympian and POW survivor).

Our perceptions grow and change as we do. So be careful with what you feed your soul. Nourish it. Take care of your mind, body, and soul. Read well, eat well, pray well. Take a break from social media and news. Limit and avoid time with people who dismiss you and your thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes, we are stuck in situations or circumstances that we cannot control – often at work or in our families of origin. Remember, we still have the power of perspective. Own it. Grow it. See the opportunity to get out or drive for a change, and seize it.

And last, our perspective does affect those around us, those closest to us. Be aware and careful of the energy that you put out in world. Light breeds light. Calm breeds calm. Hope breeds hope. Lean towards hope.


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