Emotions Imprinted on Objects

Did you know that emotions imprint on objects? Maybe you do, but you don’t know that you do. An object may bring up a feeling in you – which may lead you to keeping or getting rid of the object – keeping it close or moving it far away. You may think that is your emotion, but many empaths can feel the emotions of someone else imprinted on the object. There is even a term for this – “psychometry.” Many empaths have this ability but may not even be consciously aware of it.

Here are some examples to clarify. They are from ordinary life, but they illustrate this trait. First, presents. Presents are important to me. If you didn’t know this about me, it would surprise you. I am not materialistic, and my home is simple. But when I get a gift, I can literally feel the emotion of the giver when I hold it. Thoughtful gifts given with love are food for an empath, and I keep them close to me. Conversely, a gift given through obligation or by an angry person are quickly removed from my home. Because I can feel them, and I don’t want that in my house. In fact, many empaths shy away from antiques because of turbulent emotions they may carry.

Second example, my grandfather. I never met him; he died when my mom was 8. I never saw a photo of him, and she rarely spoke of him – it was painful. (And being empathic, I didn’t want to cause her pain.) When my mom died, I learned she kept many photos and personal effects of him including a pocket watch. When I first held the pocket watch, I could feel the emotions and the character of the man who owned it. A strong, confident, and forthright man which the obituary I later read confirmed.

Last example, wedding rings. I wear three of them. They are all simple bands inscribed with initials and dates. Mine, my mother’s, and my grandmother’s. Why wear them? Because I can feel the love with which they were purchased and with which they were worn. Who wouldn’t want to keep that hopeful love close?

Some empaths and psychics have developed their gift of “token-object reading” fully. I am attaching a link about psychometry from psychic library.com. Check it out to see where your abilities lie on the spectrum. And as always, appreciate your gift. http://psychiclibrary.com/beyondBooks/psychometry.

The Walking Wounded? or Pillar of Strength?

Am I the walking wounded or a pillar of strength? Yes. To Both. We all are. Because we are human, and we are living the human experience. We have encountered good and evil. We have been scarred inside and out. And the longer we live, the more scars we have. But remember that scar tissue is strong, very strong.

Think about the expression “Learning the hard way.” Isn’t that just learning to handle what life dishes up? There is rarely a “learning the easy way.” We learn by having experiences. With others. Who are flawed. Like us. We interact, we connect, we disconnect. Harder when we don’t want the same things. Harder when our goals are completely different, and when are visions are completely different. This is daily living with problems that may come and go, but mostly we learn to manage and bounce back from life’s disappointments.

But what about the big ones? The ones that knock us off our feet. The ones that are unjust and leave us screaming no or cowering in fear. The ones that leave the deep scars. The ones that leave us at the bottom of the pit that we think we will never get out of. Even if we learn to stand again, we feel like the walking wounded.

The miracle of life is that yes, you were in the pit, but yes, you got out. Because we can climb out of the pit, but it’s really, really hard. When you are pushed down, it is hard to get back up. The key is getting that hand off your back that is keeping your face to the ground. The key is to get your strength back and to start that slow climb up. You will need to alter your life to get that hand off you and get away from whatever is knocking out your soul.

You will still walk with your wounds, but you will also have gained strength from your journey back up. Commit to healing, and healing experiences and people will enter your life. Seek and embrace them.

I have a lot of scar tissue, but I have met some extraordinary people who helped me out of the pit (several pits actually). I acknowledge that sometimes I do still feel like the walking wounded, but most times I feel like a surviving pillar of strength. I focus on that. Strength.



The Quiet Achiever

Empaths lead with our hearts (not with our mouths). We know by intuition. We know by feeling. We go down the path by following our emotional instincts. This leads to some surprising encounters in life because we know to keep walking, but we do not know exactly what we will meet around the bend. No matter. We proceed. We are process oriented. We are in it for the journey. We are the pushers of depth of experience. And we often are the quiet achievers in life.

Why quiet achievers? Because our journey is inward first and foremost. We are guided by our inner light, our heart chakra. Sensitive souls are self-reflective by nature. Self-reflection is part of the whole empath gig. We move through waves of emotion daily, sifting and turning. Some waves rise, and some fall away, but our energies in our chakras keep spinning. We trust these emotional energies and follow them where they lead. Our emotional instincts will be our guiding light to manifest in the outside world. Do I trust this person? Do I take this job? Do I move here? Do I go there? Do I take this leap of faith? Etc.

When we trust our hearts, when we act on our “knowing,” we will excel in our chosen endeavors. They may be personal endeavors like parenthood. They may be professional endeavors like making decisions that effect staff and workplace. They may be quiet endeavors like creating a beautiful piece of art or writing a heartfelt song. They may be public endeavors like working on committee or presenting to an audience. But they will be ours, and we will be all in. (Thus, the “passion” in “compassion.”)

Sometimes we pick our endeavors, but often for an empath, they pick us. We recognize the call, and we answer it. Hello, Universe. I hear you. I’ll give it a go. (I can’t tell you how often I have had an experience and only much later figured out what it was teaching me or how to make sense of it.)

And we grow, and grow, and grow, when we follow our intuition to new lands. And we achieve, quietly. Because we are in it for the journey, not for the glory. We are in it to connect with our fellow travelers. Our lives, and the lives of those around us, will be enriched for having done so.

Be in Love, But Don’t Lose Your “I”

“You’re in love with love.” That’s what my mom used to say to me. And she was right. I was in love with love. I still am. How could I not be? Emotion is my thing. And there is no greater emotional high than romantic love.

When your super power is being able to feel what someone else feels, and your beloved loves and desires you, it is intoxicating. And when you are in your lover’s embrace, you let them in completely. You share your emotions completely. You are open. You can feel the warmth and power of shared emotion literally emanating from your heart chakra and spreading out throughout your body. It is the best kind of intense as you intertwine and release all of your emotions.

So yes, I love being in love. But I’ve also learned not to lose my “I.” Because that emotional high of connecting with your beloved is so wonderful, it is easy to lose your sense of self. Is is easy for us to get absorbed into another. Your lover’s light is shining with your love. You see it and it makes you happy. But be careful. Share your light, but don’t give it away. Empaths and sensitive souls will love greatly. But always remember to love yourself greatly too.

Most of us have to learn this the hard way. Young love can be cruel to an empath. It is exciting and new and we give our love and light away without even realizing the impact of what we are doing. Then the break up …. and we are crushed. Because our lover is gone AND it seems our light is gone. It takes a long time to recover. Lots of kindling to build up our inner light again.

But we learn from this experience. We love love. So we love again. We share our light. But we watch to make sure that our light is being nourished too. We don’t give it all away. We ask for some give and take. We keep our “I” by keeping some Independence. We keep our “I” by keeping some Individuality. We keep our “I” by keeping some Interest in our friends, families, careers, pursuits.

Yes, we are natural givers. Yes, we love deeply. Yes, we love love. We just need to remember to love ourselves too.


How Many Lives You Touch

Have you ever seen the old B & W movie, It’s a Wonderful Life? Although it is 50+ years old, the message still rings true today. You never know how many lives you touch. Your words and actions can have a profound effect on others’ lives in a way that you have never imagined. You are changing the world every day just by being here and just by being you.

So we need to be thoughtful. Be present. In every situation. We need to listen before we respond. To think before we respond. Especially in times of struggle. People will seek us out because of our innate wiring for emotional understanding. Sensitive people will know what someone else is feeling and know that people in pain are in a state of high alert tuned into judgment or empathy. They will hear what we are saying deeply, so say it with compassion and care. They will feel our touch or our actions deeply, so respond in a caring but non-intrusive manner. We are there to bear witness and help, but it is not our wound to heal. As much as we would like to, we can’t take the pain of another away. So what can we do? Listen – a lot. Offer compassion. Give advice when asked. What you say and do will matter greatly in these moments.

One’s presence and words will have a ripple effect that is never fully known by the speaker (just like George in the movie). Example – I was at a school event having a side conversation with another mother. She asked me if I was okay. I said no that my recent miscarriage was really tough. She asked me if we would try again. I said I didn’t know. She looked directly into my eyes to get my full attention. “You don’t want to be 86 and wonder what would have happened if you tried again….” These words stuck with me, and I repeated them in my head many times. They influenced me in a way that she never knew. I chose courage and hope, and we did try again, and I did have another child.

What you do and say in everyday encounters matters.  “To find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. That is to have succeeded.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson