Playoffs and Championships, Here Here

Sports inspired empathic feelings? What’s the connection? Actually, a pretty strong one.  Especially during playoff season. I’m a playoffs person. Love championships. You may say that I am a fair-weather friend. Not a true fan. Everyone loves a winner. Yep, that’s true. But there are reasons why.

First, there is the practical side. “True fans” need a lot of time to watch tv or attend live events. Like many working parents, I just don’t have it. Play-offs season and championships are short blocks of time, and events are later at night or on weekends.

Second, there is the emotional draw. Very big for an empath or highly sensitive person. We can feel the excitement tenfold, and it is very energizing. It is satisfying to absorb all the hopeful and happy energy of the competition. It is wonderful to feel the optimism of the fans.

Third, there are the backstories. Surrounding playoff games and championships are the human stories of the athletes. We learn about the diversity of human experience. And with top athletes, there is almost always an undercurrent of hope and of overcoming adversity. It seldom is an easy or straight line to the top of one’s game. Endurance, stamina, and courage are the hallmarks of great athletes in any sport.

And last, and most important, are the underdogs. Empaths and HSPs love the underdogs. We acknowledge them. We cheer for them. They are our favorite heroes and our favorite champions. Because they make the impossible possible. Many of them are athletes, and many of their stories get told during the play-offs and championship season. They inspire us to never give up and never give in. They dream big, and we know that dreaming big is a firm belief in hope. And we are all about hope.

We may not be typical fans, but we are fans nonetheless. The how they got there stories draw us in. The accomplishments make us say wow. Amazing. Empaths and HSPs see the strong spirit of hope and determination (often against all odds) in many athletes. So, bring it on, baby.