Either Way A Journey

Life is a journey. The older you get, the more you realize what that actually means. A journey implies that it’s not easy. A journey implies that it will take work. A journey suggests that what you are striving for, working for, moving toward is worth the effort. There will be highs, lows and plateaus. You will experience joy and sorrow. Sometimes you will be prepared, and sometimes you will be blindsided. Sometimes you will have choice, and sometimes things will happen to you that are out of your control.

You are going on a long and arduous journey. There is no way not to go. So do you partner up with someone or do you go it alone? It’s up to you. Either way you are going. Do you want to go by yourself? Or do you want to go with __________? If you go with someone, don’t expect them to carry you. If you go with someone, don’t carry them. If you go alone, be open to other’s help along the way.

Make it a conscious choice, and have faith in yourself and in the light that guides you.


Open Doors

Many have used doors to describe an idea or concept when trying to explain something to someone else – either verbally or in writing. The same symbol of a door, however, holds different meanings for different people. The meaning is related to one’s experiences and to how one understands one’s experience, which will often occur in retrospect.

I am curious if other empaths have the same view of doors as I do. I feel that I am guided to the right ones and barred from the wrong ones. Although, I don’t always see this as it is happening. I’m getting better at following the signs and trusting my heart intuition.

Over the years, I feel that I have been presented with closed doors and with open doors. Oddly enough, I was not the one to open or close them. Yet, my actions were what brought me to the doors in the first place. Many closed doors were reached after something that I did, some action that I took, something that I wanted. Those were the heartbreak doors saying this one is not for you. The open doors often stood open for awhile before I walked through them. Yet looking back, I can see that the steps that I was making in my life were the stepping stones leading up to an open door. As I was growing, the door was opening.

Here is an example of what I mean. I was looking for a different job after completing some courses. I was sure that I would get a job in a certain city, but a job in my field in a different city kept appearing – an open door so to speak. I saw the job listing and someone told me about it, but I didn’t think my qualifications in one area were good enough, so I didn’t apply. Finally when the job appeared to me again (time number three if you are counting), I decided, okay, this is a sign. I am supposed to apply for this job. So, I stepped through that open door and applied. End of story is that I did get the job, and it was the right fit for me.

So what is the take away here? Don’t keep banging on the heartbreak door. Keep your options open. If an open door appears, think about going through. If you get clear signs that you are supposed to enter the door, even if it is just to check out the new space on the other side, go! Walk through. You can do it.



Music Intensity

You feel too much. You think too much. You’re too intense. Hearing these things growing up, my thoughts were always the same. This is how I am. I don’t know how not to be this way.

I discovered early on that there was a place where I could publicly be as intense as I wanted without criticism – in my love of music. I don’t play, but oh, do I listen, and music has been an outlet for me my entire life.

Music abounds in our culture. It is easy to access throughout the day. You can listen to music as loud and as intensely and as often as you want. You can share it with passion and enjoy fandom. You can keep it to yourself and find self-expression through the songs you listen to.

Live music is euphoria for empaths. You can feel the pulse of the crowd. You can feel the intensity of the band. The singer’s words rip and flow through your veins. You lose yourself in the moment. It’s all feeling and movement and passion and you can just be who you are.

I like a wide range of music to match my many moods, but I gravitate toward crooners – the deeper voices sink into me. Listen to whatever moves you and helps you handle and express your emotions. Listening and feeling music every day just makes life better for us.

Go There – Part 2

I used to live near a park that had a lake and a small jetty. I would walk there by the water and out on the jetty when I needed to think, when I needed a break from my life and time to breathe. A few moments alone. I could walk and think and look out over the water.  Seeing the vastness of the lake was calming and reassuring.

I was on the verge of making a big decision in my life that would have major repercussions. It was something that could not be taken back once decided. I had been thinking about it for about two years. In distress, I walked to the park. It was early fall and the air smelled of it. I walked to release stress and I looked out over the water knowing that whatever I did in my life, this place would still be here and still be the same tomorrow and the next day and the next. The lake was calm.

I asked for a sign. I prayed for a sign to help me move forward. I saw a single fish leap out of the lake and quickly return under its depths. The leap made many circles of water outward interrupting the calm of the lake’s surface. I thought, is this my sign? Am I to take that leap knowing that it will be disruptive and far-reaching like the circular wake of the fish who had leaped? I noticed that eventually and in its own time, the lake water became calm again. A jump, a change of disruption long reaching, but then tranquility regained. Was this a symbol for me? A metaphor to leap and know that it would make ripples but that they would dissipate and a balance would return. Was I reading too much into this “sign”?

I prayed again. The exact same thing happened in the exact same place. One fish. One jump. Ripples. Time. Calm. I knew that I had gotten my sign, and I moved forward.