Be in Love, But Don’t Lose Your “I”

“You’re in love with love.” That’s what my mom used to say to me. And she was right. I was in love with love. I still am. How could I not be? Emotion is my thing. And there is no greater emotional high than romantic love.

When your super power is being able to feel what someone else feels, and your beloved loves and desires you, it is intoxicating. And when you are in your lover’s embrace, you let them in completely. You share your emotions completely. You are open. You can feel the warmth and power of shared emotion literally emanating from your heart chakra and spreading out throughout your body. It is the best kind of intense as you intertwine and release all of your emotions.

So yes, I love being in love. But I’ve also learned not to lose my “I.” Because that emotional high of connecting with your beloved is so wonderful, it is easy to lose your sense of self. Is is easy for us to get absorbed into another. Your lover’s light is shining with your love. You see it and it makes you happy. But be careful. Share your light, but don’t give it away. Empaths and sensitive souls will love greatly. But always remember to love yourself greatly too.

Most of us have to learn this the hard way. Young love can be cruel to an empath. It is exciting and new and we give our love and light away without even realizing the impact of what we are doing. Then the break up …. and we are crushed. Because our lover is gone AND it seems our light is gone. It takes a long time to recover. Lots of kindling to build up our inner light again.

But we learn from this experience. We love love. So we love again. We share our light. But we watch to make sure that our light is being nourished too. We don’t give it all away. We ask for some give and take. We keep our “I” by keeping some Independence. We keep our “I” by keeping some Individuality. We keep our “I” by keeping some Interest in our friends, families, careers, pursuits.

Yes, we are natural givers. Yes, we love deeply. Yes, we love love. We just need to remember to love ourselves too.


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