Keep It Together

When the world seems like it’s falling apart, how do we not unravel at our own seams?  We need our souls to expand, not shrink, in times of turmoil and hardship. Yet, how is a sensitive soul supposed to manage during these combative times and upheavals when all we want to do is cry with the world?

Keep it together. Make it your mantra. Think. Feel. Act or don’t act. But keep it together.


1. The devil works hard, but the Lord works harder.

2. Stay informed, but don’t drown in the news.

3. Move – walk, run, swim, bike, kayak, dance, do yoga….

4. Have an outlet – talk to a caring friend or family member every day.

5. Don’t judge your emotions – feel what you feel.

6. Go out in nature and seek its beauty and bounty.

7. Listen to music that speaks your truth.

8. Get up. Get showered. Get dressed. Get going every day.

9. Read fiction – escape into other worlds and times.

10. Seek inspiration in thoughts, words, deeds, and pictures.

11. Encourage someone else.

12. Pray for strength.

We gotta move through it to get through it. Do what you need to do to sustain and nourish yourself, especially now. We will  live through this, and change will come.