Compassion Needed

Compassion. If you are an empath, you’ve got it in spades. Now is the time to draw on all your inner resources and offer compassion to others. Your heart chakra, which is always open, will not fail you. You have the depth to listen and feel. Please do it with intent. Mirror back compassion, and your kindness will surely help those who need it. You will be sought out because of this gift that you carry.

Our country is being bombarded with negativity. We need to combat the darkness with light. Those most vulnerable are being targeted. You have the opportunity to use your gift of emotional empathy. Reach out a helping hand and an open heart. Bear witness.

It is a tough time for empaths because of the intensity of emotions now surrounding us. Lean toward the light. Channel your intensity for the help and benefit of others. Read the masters of compassion (like the Dalai Lama). They do not deny the darkness that they see in the world, but they do not feed it.

And, of course, take care of yourself. Take time away from others and do what nourishes your soul too.

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