I am a seeker, and I believe that you are too, or you wouldn’t be reading this page. We seek truth in spirit through experience and feeling. We want to KNOW.

We are drawn to those who can teach us more about faith, compassion, and our expanding spirit. They give us the bravery to expand our definitions of faith and to turn inward to brighten our own lights. My spiritual teachers have given me hope and healing, and by their example, have led me to new experiences and depths I would not have traversed on my own.

Spiritual teachers have appeared in my life at difficult times, and each one has taken my hand to lead me deeper down my own spiritual journey.  It has not been the easy way, but it has been the meaningful way. Each person had something to teach me, something to show me, something to lead me to a more enlightened state of consciousness.

I am grateful for those seen and unseen who guide me toward light and wholeness and oneness. May we believe that which we feel until it becomes that which we know.


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