Stormy Time

It’s a stormy time for our country this election season. I can feel the anxiety that is pulsating through our people. They are very worried. Empaths can feel this worry more acutely. We can feel these unsettling emotions hovering all around us and passing through us. It’s hard to keep the negative emotions at bay.

So what can we do? First, be clear with yourself about what you believe. Then you will not be as open to absorb other’s feelings that may be toxic or at least draining for you.

Second, be careful about what you put in your brain. When you see something, that image is burned into your brain forever. When you hear something, it is never erased. Turn off the TV. Delete from social media. Unplug the hatred. Exercise control over the images and sounds that are entering your life from without.

Nurture yourself as best you can during this turbulent time. Help what ails you. Eat better. Seek out quiet. Focus your emotions using books, music, and pictures. Love your pets. Spend time with those who are steady and supportive.

Reassure yourself and others that this too shall pass. The election will be over, and the sun will still rise again on Wednesday morning. We are a strong people. We will be okay.

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