Go There – Part 1

For the biggest decisions that I’ve made in my life, I’ve had to physically go there.  I’ve needed to be physically present at a place or physically present with a person to recognize the right decision. As an empath, I need proximity to feel it in my heart. That is where our intuition lies. In the heart chakra. Once that I am physically present in a situation, I know what to do.

We all make life changing decisions. We can think and ruminate about a big decision or a big change in direction for weeks, months, and even years. There comes a time when the scales tip – it is more painful to stay than to go. But I have to FEEL the right of the decision before I make a move. Once I feel it, I head down that new path, and I do not waver. I may be heading away from something, but by the time I feel my decision, I am heading toward something too.

The trusting of one’s heart intuition is innate. I did not develop this sense, but I had to learn to trust it. To trust the way I am. Only now am I learning how to express what it is like. This heart intuition has led me to take a job or not, to fall in love or not, to grow a family or not, to pursue a friendship or not, to read a book or not, etc. I write here now because I feel that it is the right decision and that I have been brought to this path at this moment.

This is not to say that I am alone in my empathy. Spiritual leaders teach compassion and understanding, including understanding of one’s self. They teach us to observe, to pray, to be grateful, to be kind. Prayer can be as natural to us as breathing. So I do seek strength and guidance from God when I am making a big change in my life. And I ask for signs.

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