Never Give Up….Never Give In….

Never give in. A less used phrase than never give up. But equal in gravity and encouragement.

After expressing that I felt like I was pushing against the river, a dear friend wrote to me and told me to “Never give up…never give in.” She told me about her mother. Her mother had been both a teacher and the parent of a deaf child. My friend told me that her mother loved her job and loved being a parent. Her mother firmly believed that “one size does not fit all” in education and that each child is unique and learns at his or her own pace and style. These words were exactly what I needed to hear at this moment.

Each child and each adult is unique and grows at his or her own pace and style. Some people are accepting of this. And some are not. Not giving in tells us no matter. Accept yourself as a unique individual and grow and learn at your own pace. This will sometimes look like fitting in with everyone in the room, and sometimes it will not. Be yourself any way. It may be hard at times, but you will always feel better when you are genuine.

I was at a meeting at work with about two hundred people. I did not like the direction that the meeting was going, but I stayed in my seat in the auditorium. At one point, we were told that we would be watching a video simulation with graphic violence. We were told we could leave the room if we wanted to. Without hesitation, I got up and walked out of the auditorium, the only one to do so. I know that because I am empathic, I do not watch simulated graphic violence because it is too painful for me. Was I better or worse than the others for leaving? No. I was just being true to my own nature.

When we are advocating for ourselves, for our children, or for others, we need to remember not only to not give up, but to not give in. Not giving up means to keep on going, and there are many oft used phrases and quotes that go with not giving up that we all could recite.  But not giving in is an equally important concept as not giving up, even though it is used less often. Not giving in means not giving in to pressure. Not giving up and not giving in is to stay the course no matter the odds or the chatter around you.



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