What Dreams Will Come

Anything can happen in dreams. ANYTHING. That’s why dreams are magical, and dangerous, and wondrous, full of hope and full of terror. In dreams, the door to our unconscious is open. Wide open. And anything becomes possible.

Empaths and highly sensitive people experience life with a certain intensity because we can experience other’s emotions spilling into ours. The same is true in dreams. We find comrades or sense danger within our dream companions. Emotions are magnified and personified. Our dreams are also very vivid. They might seem fantastical, but they feel very real to us.

As a child, I had night terrors on a regular basis. I would awake bathed in sweat and too afraid to return to the dream world. I was an imaginative kid, and the line between real and dream state was just too thin.

Yet, dreams are messengers, although sometimes unwelcome ones. They tell us to look, see, discover, and process. Look what happened to you, see how you can get past it, discover the new worlds out there waiting for you, and we will process it all. If you can’t process it during the day, we will do it at night. (My shadow side used to wait for me downstairs in my dreams, and he was a pretty scary guy. Once I dealt with the big issue with help during the day, he stopped appearing.)

On the flip side, dreams offer adventure and fun. You can meet your personal heroes and hang out with them. (I have!) You can visit new places and literally go anywhere. You can have super powers like flying or being invisible. Because in dreams, boundaries melt away and the possibility of encounters is endless.

Dream life is a part of life. We may be tired with the emotion and adventure of it all, but we can also be in awe for the gift of it too.




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