Digital Media = Connect + Uplift

Digital media, like empathy, is a gift. And like empathy, depending on how you channel this gift will determine if it uplifts you or crushes you. You, dear empath, have a say in this. You can make wise choices for the good of yourself and the good of others.

Digital media is wide-reaching. If you don’t make any digital media choices, and let everything in, it will crush your spirit….again….and again….and again. Empaths get emotional overload more easily than others, so I encourage you to filter your experience.

Digital media connects us as never before, and the joy is that you get to pick the connections! You pick what goes on your Facebook page, and what other FB pages you want to follow. You pick what you will tweet and what twitter accounts you will follow. You get to control your Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest accounts. You decide who you will email and for what purpose. You choose what to browse. You decide what emails to open and which ones to delete. Do you see where I am going with this?

Make wise choices. Take care of your emotional health with the click of an add or delete. Don’t let digital media happen to you, harness it for the greater good of your spirit and the spirit of others.

Some examples from my life – I liked the National Parks Facebook page so that I can see beautiful pictures of nature show up daily on my personal FB page. I have handpicked sites to regularly show up on my digital media sources to further educate and enlighten me in my specific areas of interest. I can follow my favorite musicians and their tours. My sister and I have never been closer because of texting – sharing our lives is easier. And then there’s FaceTime and Google Hangout. I am bringing uplifting connections to me on a regular basis, and now I am able to share these images and words with others because of digital media. I am taking care of my emotional health and encouraging you to do the same.

We can be grateful that beliefs that we feel passionate about and can learn more about are so easily accessible. Digital connections can fill you up without overwhelming you. Connections are what being an empath is all about. Click on.

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