Don’t Dwell in the House of Whatever

Don’t dwell in the House of Whatever. I spent some time there last week. And let me tell you, it can be a nasty place. Depressing. Dark and dusty. It’s hard to breathe the air in there. You don’t realize how stifling it is until you step outside. It takes a few breaths to clear your lungs. To wipe the soot from your eyes. And to remember what it’s like outside the house.

You see the House of Whatever is a dangerous place to live. Very dangerous. We all visit there from time to time. We might stick a toe in or peek our head around the corner. Sometimes we even step inside. Might sit down for awhile. But do not linger. Can’t linger. Even if it’s intoxicating for a split second. Feel it and then back away. Slowly. With determination (because the other people in there, they won’t want you to leave).

I believe that the House of Whatever is the house of complacency. “Whatever” is a bad place to be because “whatever” leads to complacency. And complacency belies despair. Deep despair. Giving up. The kind that is very hard to come back from.

If you are reading this, you likely consider yourself a sensitive person. You feel things deeply – all emotions deeply – including despair. It’s okay to feel all of your feelings. But when you hit despair, look for the nearest life jacket or outstretched hand to pull you back before you drown. Your life jacket may be another person, a pet, a prayer, a walk, a song, a mantra, etc.

You can feel deep sadness and move through it without vacationing in the House of Despair. Sadness and disappointment can feel overwhelming at times, but an empath will move through it and learn from having had the experience. We learn more compassion and understanding of ourselves and of others.

In the House of Whatever, no one cares anymore about anything. There is no compassion. There is no caring. It is a dead place. We are compassionate. We are caring. We choose connection. We choose vibrancy. We choose light.


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