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Empaths seek openness, peace, and connection. Cruel people encourage inequality, violence, and rift. Empathy  and cruelty are polar opposites. Both are forces in the world, yet I am deeply saddened that cruelty is gaining strength of late.

We have never been so connected globally as we are now. By connected, I mean wired. News media,  social media, and entertainment media are accessible in a click. Information abounds. Yet these connections are giving rise to a lot of horror. And this horror can visually come right into our homes. Images that we are presented with get burned into our brains forever. Some people can handle seeing it without upset. But for empaths, the inhumanity that we see feels soul crushing.

News media could be a force for making global connections and for increasing understanding of the peoples of the world. Instead, news stories focus on violence and hatred these days. The rift between the haves and have-nots is quickly widening, and some talking heads are pushing it along. We commonly are presented with stories of murder and torture. We commonly are presented with stories of people who lie, cheat, and steal, and depending on who they are, it may or may not be okay to do so. I have stopped watching news on TV and instead read news from a few sources.

Social media is a force for making connections on a more personal level with people from all over the world who share your interests. This is a good thing, right? Can be. Yet many people are using this outlet to spread fear and hatred. I love the connection of Facebook, but I have blocked those who post on the horrific. Their energy doesn’t get to intrude onto my page at will.

Entertainment media has gone heavily in the direction of cruelty too. Try not watching any murder shows during primetime, and there is not much left. TV and films glamorize murder with carefully posed corpses and beautiful investigators. Murder is not glamorous. Ever. I’ve stopped letting these images literally bleed into my living room.

You do not have to feed the cruelty monster. This is one thing, empaths, that you do not have to nurture. Block it from your presence. Protect your light. Uplifting and enlightening media sources do exist. In fact, they abound. Choose them. Give your energy to them. Grow the light.

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