You Don’t Want to Be a Used up Sponge

If you don’t take time to yourself – alone and in a separate space from anyone else – you may feel like a used up sponge at the end of the day. This is where an ounce of emotional prevention is worth a pound of exhaustion. Make time for yourself to be by yourself.

As an empath by nature, you at least sense, and often absorb, the energies of others around you. It may feel like their energy and needs override yours. You may forget that you even have any of your own. It’s the way we walk through the world. It is so normal to us to empathize and feel what others are feeling that we sometimes forget to take a break from it.

I am your reminder today. Take a break! Physically separate yourself to restore yourself. I know, you may say, “I can’t….I don’t have time…. I have kids to take care of…. I have a demanding job…. It’s not realistic.” I know. I’m telling you to do it anyway.

I’ve learned some ways over the years to make small restorative moments of alone time happen. Here are some suggestions that can take as little as 5 minutes.  At home, you can go into the bathroom. It’s the most alone place in the house. I have a little step stool in there that I sit on for few minutes when I need a break. You can go to an empty bedroom or any room in your home that spans your height. It’s okay to close the door. Lie down on the floor on your back. Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your pelvic belly. Breathe from your belly. This will help balance YOUR energy. At work, can you go to your car for a few minutes at lunch? Close your eyes, listen to the quiet, and breathe. During the day, can you take a short walk outside, or can you sit on the front porch by yourself? Think about it. What else do you do or can you do in small amounts of time to restore yourself and reclaim your own energy throughout the day?

Likely, no one is going to give you the gift of alone time….unless you ask for it. Ask. You are worth it. No one wants to personify the used up sponge at day’s end.

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