Because Your Body Matters

You have one body, and it houses your soul. Treat it with kindness. Not indifference. Treat it with love. Not disdain. Treat it with care. Not obliviousness. I am guilty of all three of the above at different times in my life. But as I did more soul work, I began to do more body work. I realized that the two go hand-in-hand, and it is foolish not to think so. They support each other, and together, they ARE you.

I learned to take care of my body when parts of it started not to work so well. When I couldn’t function full steam ahead. (And nothing will get your attention like blood in the wrong place!) I was able to see that my body was sending me distress signals. My body was stopping me in my tracks and telling me  to pay attention to it and give it the love and care that I so freely gave to others in my orbit.

I needed to make life style changes that would ultimately help both my body and soul. Many changes were put in place – some were drastic and some were gradual. I learned that what I put into my body mattered, so I follow dietary restrictions. I learned that “side effects” is a label warning on medicine that should be taken seriously, so I got off medicine that was hurting more than helping. I learned that a little bit of exercise daily leads to a lot of improved health. I learned a great respect for physical and massage therapists; they are on the front lines of body-soul healing.  I learned to tell my inner posse the truth of what was going on and to lean on them (hard for an empath). I had to learn (and am still learning) to manage stress better (and differently) because it really can make you sick in body and soul.

I also learned to meet my body where it’s at. Which is not perfection. Gotta accept and love all of it. The crooked back along with the lovely eyes. The sensitive stomach along with the strong heart. Your body/soul is what makes you, you. And there is only one you in the whole entire universe. Isn’t that amazing? Aren’t you amazing?





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