Be Awed






Show up to be awed. Isn’t that a great attitude toward living? For there is awe in our very day lives. When we are present and we keep our eyes and our heart open, we will see it; we will feel it. For awe is the feeling of wonder, inspiration, reverence, respect, and amazement. Awe is often what keeps us going.

When you feel awe, and I feel awe, I get to feel double awe. Awe is something to be shared. It is something to be witnessed with others. It often renders us speechless, so we feel, we see, we hear. Our senses are heightened and we feel connected to the moment and to the person(s) with us. A wondrous experience is memorable and will stay with us and can be easily recalled later when we may need a reminder to believe in the world again.

Awe is good for your emotional, mental, and physical health. “Psychologists say the emotion of awe plays a big role in your health, happiness and well-being. And you don’t need to witness a supermoon to experience it.” (Why scientists say experiencing awe can help you live your best life.)

They explain that we can bring the sense of awe into our daily lives by following these 4 suggestions:

  1. 1. Go out in nature
  2. 2. Get out of you comfort zone
  3. 3. Look up (away from your phone)
  4. 4. Have an open mind

Sometimes, we plan and prepare for awe (a new baby, a trip, a concert, a visit, an athletic event, etc.) Often, awe just comes our way (nature, song, friendship, resilience, little miracles, etc.) Awe keeps us inspired, and it also keeps us humble.

When I am most awed? At sunrise and sunset. (You too?)  Such majesty and beauty. And it happens every day. Photographers call this time the golden hour and the blue hour because the light in the sky changes (redder and softer; evenly diffused). It is magnificent and free for all to experience. And we can seek out places where it is most beautiful.

Don’t let the opportunity of awe pass you by. Be awed. Be present. Notice. Do it for your health. Do it for the quality of your life. Awe shows up. We can too..



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