Music Will Get You Through It

Tough times. Very tough times. Confusing times. Really confusing times. Joyful times. Ecstatic times. Sad times. Sorrowful times. Angry times. Disturbing times. Thoughtful times. Peaceful times. Music embraces, acknowledges, and expresses all the emotions of the world – piece by piece and song by song. And in that way, it saves us again and again and again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m listening to music a LOT every day. Sometimes quietly. Sometimes at a deafening volume. Sometimes plugged in. Sometimes out loud. Why so much NOW? To feel the feelings without exploding. That pretty much explains it.

We find ourselves in the midst of a situation we never expected (at least most of us). For those of us who tend to be highly emotional anyway, our emotions are higher still. For those of us who are more sensitive and aware of the feelings of others (both near and far), we feel the overload of emotions overwhelming us at times. We need a release. We pick music.

“When things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest gas known to men.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

Music will take us where we need to go without harming us. We can express our anger, confusion, and frustration, and have it released through an ass kicking song. It is cathartic. Conversely, we can experience great sorrow or great joy through the lyrics and notes of someone else’s songs – birthed just to move us, energize us, soothe us, or heal us. Music encompasses every feeling, every experience, and every taste. We can find the right song for the right mood on any given day. Technology makes it so easy now.

My friend teases me that I know a song for everything. She is right. There IS a song for everything. And I remember them because each one shares a personal memory for me. You know how a few notes can just conjure up a memory from your past and you are there again? And the longer you live, the more songs will be added to your own personal song catalog.

So while you are home, remember, you are not alone. You’ve got your trusted friend at your beck and call. Whenever and wherever. Thank you, music.



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