Now is the Time to be Joyful

Now is the time to be joyful, for what other time is there?

Amidst all of the chaos and turmoil in the world today, we can still allow joy. In fact, we need it. Joy awaits and beckons us to its side. Come here, it calls. Stop what you’re doing. Look Up.You have to see this! Look! Isn’t that amazing? Close your eyes. Listen! Isn’t that the most beautiful? Take it in! Couldn’t your heart just break with tenderness? Smile. Experience others. Delight in our connection.

I don’t want to live every day like it is a chore. I won’t. It is a gift. And how we choose to spend our time is our gift back. Being present for ourselves and others allows us to see the joy in daily moments. The world inspires us with beauty every day.

Turn off the noise and bombardment of negativity that assaults us daily on our screens. Take a break. Step away from others’ clamor and focus attention on the little things to be thankful for. Strike a balance out of self-preservation. Turn your attention to the small joys for some time every day.

“My advice to the person suffering from lack of time and from apathy is this; seek out each day as many as possible the small joys….” -Herman Hesse

Small joys may be an uplifting song, the smile of your child, the first spring flower blooming outside, the hug of dear one. It may be a card you send to friend, the line that resonates with you from a book, the cat sleeping on your lap, or the beautiful sunset across the street. Look, and you will find the pause that helps put some hopeful perspective back in the day.

Joy is waiting for you. It is peeking at you around the corner. Say hello.

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