Sacred Space….at Home

“Whether you’re religious, non-religious, or anything in between, a sacred space can help you pause, unplug, and reflect on the only work that really matters: loving the world, practicing gratitude, and being kind to yourself. 

Having a designated space in your home for prayer, meditation, or private reflection can be a constant reminder of how important it is to cultivate this sense of awe and wonder in your life.” ~ Carol Kuruvilla (How to Create a Sacred Space in Your Home, 3/04/16,

You may think, “sounds good” or “yeah, right, nice idea, but how would I ever do that?” Believe me, it IS doable in your home, and in your life.

Start by thinking about your home environment. You can start small, and grow your space as needed. Do you have a favorite chair or place in your home that you go to regularly to pause, pray or think? Do you have a desk or table where you sit to read, write, or draw what is deeply personal to you? Do you have a special pillow that you hold when you need strength or patience? Have you (perhaps unconsciously) started to add to this space with meaningful items?

My “sacred space” didn’t start that way. It started as a card table shoved in the corner of the bedroom to put my computer on. But then, I started to add personal and meaningful things to my space very gradually. Guided by spirit, and with intention, the space changed. Bit by bit, I added photos, seashells, crystals, drawings, a pitcher, candles, and words of inspiration. My space became a sacred space designed just for me. It is where I sit and where I write. It is where I feel the most me in my own home.

I’ll close with a quote I recently read from India.Arie about the importance of sacred space at home (O Mag, June 2017). “We all need sacred space. It’s important to have a place where you can recharge.  Everybody’s is different, but I do think it should entail quiet because it needs to be where you hear your spirit most clearly. For me, that’s the prayer room in my apartment.  And since my home is 700 square feet, I mean the coat closet near the front door.”


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