Emotional Intensity – I’ll Take That One

If you google “emotional high,” you get a list from psychologists about pathology. If you google “emotional intensity,” you get a list about gifted people from educators. Isn’t it interesting that the same trait with a slight change in wording gives you a completely different view? And with that view, comes a completely different approach to viewing that person. Well if you’re an empath, you are that person. And that person is gifted. So thank you very much, we’ll take the gifted view.

Here are some definitions on the subject from Google:

“Emotional Intensity is a form of neurodiversity that is most often misunderstood by our culture. Emotional Intensity in itself is not a pathology. It overlaps with other traits such as being highly sensitive (HSP), being an ’empath’, having thin-boundaries, and over-excitabilities.”

the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits, regarded as part of normal variation in the human population (used especially in the context of autistic spectrum disorders).”
You, my friend, may fall into the category of neurodivergent (and not neurotypical). That means that your brain with its intense emotions makes you a little bit different. But you already knew that, didn’t you? The reassuring news is that we are starting to be more widely accepted as being a “normal variation in the human population.”
So I suggest that you appreciate who you are. Appreciate that you can experience emotional intensity and mirror it back to others. It is a way to get lost and stay present at the same time. Sex, music, nature, you name it, it is all more intense because of what you bring to the table. You have emotional focus. Not everyone can handle it, can handle you, but those who do may love you for it.
Empath. Emotional intensity. Gift. Think about it. Or should I say, feel it?

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