Music Intensity

You feel too much. You think too much. You’re too intense. Hearing these things growing up, my thoughts were always the same. This is how I am. I don’t know how not to be this way.

I discovered early on that there was a place where I could publicly be as intense as I wanted without criticism – in my love of music. I don’t play, but oh, do I listen, and music has been an outlet for me my entire life.

Music abounds in our culture. It is easy to access throughout the day. You can listen to music as loud and as intensely and as often as you want. You can share it with passion and enjoy fandom. You can keep it to yourself and find self-expression through the songs you listen to.

Live music is euphoria for empaths. You can feel the pulse of the crowd. You can feel the intensity of the band. The singer’s words rip and flow through your veins. You lose yourself in the moment. It’s all feeling and movement and passion and you can just be who you are.

I like a wide range of music to match my many moods, but I gravitate toward crooners – the deeper voices sink into me. Listen to whatever moves you and helps you handle and express your emotions. Listening and feeling music every day just makes life better for us.

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